I recently discovered a site where you can get the best rebates on MANY, MANY different online stores, and sites, INCLUDING Ebay!  They are giving you a 36% rebate on all Ebay seller fees for that auction or store item you purchase.  So whatever the sellers' fees are for the auction you win, you get up to a 36% of that as a rebate.  It adds up if you buy very much at all and every little bit helps!  Of course they also do give you great rebates on your purchases from other major online retailers too (popular name brands and stores).

All you need to do after you sign up for this rebate site is to put Ebay, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, Wal *Mart, Overstock.com, Orbitz, GAP, Expedia and even Travelocity or whatever you choose in your shopping "Mall", then when ready to shop (bid or pay for purchases), just go to this site and you don't even have to sign in again - just click on your favorite store (it will be right on that first page).  You stay "connected" to the rebate site until you close the store window.  They also send you an email when you have made a purchase and received a rebate and the rebates are automatically deposited into your Paypal account, at regular intervals.  DON'T forget to start at the rebate site, before going shopping so you don't miss the MANY rebates!   You do NOT give this rebate site, your Ebay or Paypal passwords!

I encourage you to check out this site and sign up (totally free and very quick & easy to do).  This site has been around for quite some time and I was referred by someone who has been a member for a very long time (and they are an Ebay seller who said that the rebates they get on their own Ebay purchases, more than pays for their Ebay fees)!  I'M impressed so far!!  Please be sure to use this link so I can get credit for referring you (you can paste it into a new web browser to ensure safety):

Click this link to start saving now!!!

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